We are present on our customers’ tables for over 40 years! Over this period, our high quality products have received a number of awards. Do you know the reason behind our success? It is not only because we combine innovative technology with stringent control system but also because we cooperate with Polish farmers based in green regions of Poland only.

We are focused on our customers’ needs. We do our best to offer professional products meeting expectations of restaurants, hotels, and catering companies. We would like our customers to be satisfied with the quality and services we offer.

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HoReCa offer

Beef from Łuków – high quality meat from Polish farms. It has already achieved a vast range of enthusiasts owing to its distinguishing quality. High quality goes hand in hand with taste – beef from Łuków is exceptionally juicy, tender, and aromatic.

  • tenderloin – it is the most delicious and precious part of beef; tenderloin chain-off, in regular shapes, available at the following weight ranges: 0,9-1,2 kg; 1,2-1,5 kg; 1,5-1,8 kg; 1,8-2,2 kg; 2,2+ kg
  • striploin boneless with fat – tender meat of high quality and marble structure, covered with fat up to 1cm, chain-off
  • rib-eye – this is an element of a rib eye, it is marble when cut; flesh is juicy and tender – perfect for steaks
  • topside, cap off, PAD – it is a part of a beef hind leg, with no gracilis muscle, it has a tightly and homogenous structure
  • rump heart PAD – flesh of a beef leg with a compact structure and thin fibres, rump with no tail
  • round of thick flank, PAD – it is a part of a beef leg, tender and juicy, perfect for roasting, stewing and frying
  • eye round – the most precious part of a beef leg, so called “false tenderloin”,
  • shank bone-in – the middle part of front and hind legs, cut into slices. It is an easy kind of meat to prepare, it can be fried, stewed or boiled.
  • shoulder clod, PAD – triceps PAD muscle, so called shoulder heart, juicy flesh of non-homogenous structure, perfect for stewing and mincing
  • flank – the middle part of carcass, so called chicken carcass, used for preparing casserole and consommé
  • cheeks – according to old and well-established tradition, cheeks are part of ‘the fifth quarter’, they are titbit for advocates of the philosophy of cooking and eating ‘from head to tail’. Cheeks have to undergo long and thorough heat treatment in order to have the best taste
  • tails – with rumps, perfect as a base for consommé, they can be also baked
  • beef marrow – tube cut bones, fragments of 6-8 cm, perfect for baking
  • trimmings 90/10 – class II, chopped veal
  • trimmings – beef shank cut in cubes of 3,5 x 3,5 x 3,5 cm
  • minced beef – vacuum packed of 2,5-3 kg, fat content below 20%


  • Porterhouse steak
  • T-bone steak
  • Fiorentina steak
  • Tenderloin steak
  • Kansas steak
  • New York steak
  • Top Sirloin steak

The offer is aimed at customers who look for high quality pork. Pork elements dedicated to gastronomy are exceptionally fleshy and thoroughly treated, selected from pork carcasses coming exclusively from Polish farms located in ecologically clean regions of Poland. We offer both frozen and fresh products.

  • tenderloin – exceptionally tender and precious meat, head on, chain-off
  • pork loin boneless extra – middle loin, with no fat, chain-off
  • pork neck boneless extra – with no fat, this part is already prepared to portion
  • pork shoulder boneless 4d extra – triceps or infraspinatus muscle of regular shape and completely clean
  • round ham – separated and intact quadriceps, perfect for baking and stewing
  • ribbed pork belly extra – this bacon is highly fleshy, no ribs, rind on
  • pork front shank boneless
  • pork cheeks – tender meat cuts from the animal’s head
  • pork trimmings 80/20 – lean meat, silverloin off
  • minced pork from a shoulder/ham – vacuum packed of 2,5-3 kg, fat content below 30%

High-quality pork loin and neck cut for chops of standardised weight, bone-in or boneless, fresh and frozen, single vacuum package contains 5 – 10 chops.

  • pork loin boneless chop – weight 0,14-0,17 kg
  • pork chop bone-in – weight 0,20-0,23 kg
  • pork neck boneless chop – weight 0,18-0,24 kg
  • pork neck bone-in chop – weight 0,24-0,26 kg

HoReCa cold meat is a product of the highest quality. It is prepared according to recipes which fulfill old stringent standards. We have designed an exclusive Fine Beef World series for customers who look for new tastes and unique products. This series contains beef cold meat of the highest quality, e.g. tenderly smoked striploin of salmon structure, luxury kabanos sausages and beef ham with aromatic fragrance of crushed pepper. The Łuków Larder series, which consists of traditional products, should be recognized as well. All types of cold meat is available in packages of 1kg, prepared for the HoReCa channel exclusively.

  • Cured pork neck, sliced
  • Sopocka tasty loin, sliced
  • Grandma’s ham, sliced
  • Ham from smokehouse, sliced
  • Dried “Krakowska” pork sausage, sliced
  • Deluxe smoked and boiled pork bacon without ribs, sliced
  • Breakfast Salami, sliced
  • Cooked ham, sliced
  • Smoked rostbef de luxe, 1/2 vac
  • Beef ham with pepper vac
  • Premium Pastrami vac