For suppliers

We are looking forward to cooperating with farmers.

Łuków Meat Company is provided with pigs and cattle from three distribution channels:

Purchase and contraction department

phone: (25) 797 26 48

phone: (25) 797 25 55


Competitive prices and payment guarantee - up to 14 days. Collection of livestock from farms - free of charge.

Policy of providing livestock with appropriate conditions

  • We comply with provisions of law concerning protection of animals when transporting, storing, and slaughtering them
  • We ensure that people dealing with relocating, storing, and slaughtering have knowledge and skills to perform such tasks in a humane and effective way.
  • We ensure appropriate conditions during transporting and storing the livestock, which, due to this, is less scared. Additionally, the transported animals are less susceptible to falling.
  • We relocate livestock carefully in order not to injure it.
  • We use our own livestock transport which guarantee humane loading, unloading, and transporting livestock. We reduce stress coped with by animals during loading, transporting, unloading, storing, relocating, and slaughtering.
  • For all employees, we organize regular and planned training workshops in the provisions of law being currently in force.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you! Ask for our offer 25 797 26 48

Food chain

We require our suppliers to deliver with the livestock information on the food chain.Each farmer must comply with this obligation. The necessity to prepare and send documents about a food chain is set forth in the EU provisions.

If farmers fail to either provide information within specific time or provide it at all, they are liable to a district body of Veterinary Inspection. Farmers may be also held responsible in under Art. 77.3 and Art. 85.1.1 – 2 of the Act of March 11, 2004 on animal health protection and fighting against infectious animal diseases /Journal of Laws No. 69, item 625 as amended/.

Farmers who deliver slaughter livestock will be provided with information about a veterinary check carried out ante-mortem and post-mortem by a veterinary physician only in case of abnormalities or post-mortem changes. If livestock is delivered to slaughter with no information about a food chain, Łuków Meat Company is obliged to inform an official veterinary physician who will decide whether these animals can be slaughtered.

Purchase and Contraction Department Manager