Życzymy Państwu,

aby zbliżający się czas spędzony w gronie najbliższych przyniósł wiele radości, uśmiechu i ciepła, a nadchodzący Nowy Rok obfitował w piękne chwile i liczne sukcesy w sferze zawodowej oraz prywatnej.

Zarząd Zakładów Mięsnych
„Łmeat-Łuków” S.A.

Smoked sausage


This tender and high-quality sausage with beef will make you think of the flavours of your childhood. The product does not contain soy proteins, phosphates, artificial food colouring, and essences.

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Cooking ABC is ready to download!

We have prepared a unique specially for you. It proves that beef is a perfect type of meat to be served every day – easy to prepare, really healthy and delicious.

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Steaks from the Fine Beef World

Fine beef from Łmeat-Łuków is the highest quality meat produced from animals bred on Polish farms only.

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Peperoni beef sausage

Something new for lovers of high quality beef. Spicy and perfectly seasoned peperoni beef sausage serves perfectly with pickled cucumbers, onions, and olives.

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Podwawelska sausage QAFP

Traditional sausage known for generations.

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Mięsne Łmeat-Łuków S.A.

Łmeat-Łuków belongs to the largest and most modern meat producers in Poland. Due to innovative technologies, regular modernizations, and an experienced and highly-qualified team, the company established influential position and became a leader on the market.

We export and distribute our products through both traditional and modern channels. We own a retail network and distribution centres. We also deal with specialist transport of livestock ready-made products.

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  • Cattle purchase and slaughter
  • Beef cutting and distribution
  • Production of cold meats and tinned beef
  • Pig purchase and slaughter
  • Pork cutting and distribution
  • Production of cold meats and tinned pork
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Łmeat-Łuków is highly experienced and offers great services. Our tradition dates back to 1973.
Grażyna Prokopiuk, President of the Management Board
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